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These webinars are helpful whether you are just starting out or have been selling in Amazon stores for a while but want a deeper dive.
Learn more from our Amazon Webinars
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Past Webinars

Sell On Amazon
Target Group: Intermediate
Duration: 63 minutes
  • Introduction to Selling on Amazon
  • Benefits of selling on Amazon
  • Overview on how to list, fulfill and promote your product
  • Live questions and answers
Successful Product Listing on Amazon
Target Group: Intermediate
Duration: 68 minutes
  • What constitutes a compelling detail page
  • Understanding Product IDs
  • How to add an offer to an existing product
  • How to create a new listing
  • How to apply to sell in restricted categories / brands
Performance & Order Management
Target Group: All, Brand Owners
Duration: 60 minutes
  • Managing and Processing Merchant Fulfilled Orders
  • Orders cancellation, returns and refunds
  • What Is Account Health and why it is important
  • Performance metrics and how to manage them

Dates: Multiple dates

Take your business Online - Selling on Amazon Essentials Guide

Level: Beginner
Group: For all sellers and vendors
  • ​​​​Learn how to use Amazon Seller Central to manage your products and sales. Our experts will guide you through the key differences between selling on Amazon vs Souq.
  • Overview of main features to help maximize your sales potential.
  • Live Q&A session

Date: Multiple dates

Adding Product on Amazon Listings successfully

Level: Beginner
For all sellers and vendors
  • Learn best practices for creating an effective, compelling product listing and avoid listing errors.
  • Learn how to increase your advantage and help give your sales a boost with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and promotional tools.
  • Live Q&A session

Date: Multiple dates

Introduction to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): how to take your selling experience to the next step

Level: Beginner
Group: For all sellers and vendors
  • Learn how Fulfillment by Amazon FBA can help you reach new customers and grow your business on Amazon.
  • Find out how to prepare your products to ship to Amazon's fulfillment centers, how to create your first FBA shipment and more.
  • Live Q&A session.

Date: Multiple dates

Pricing for success

Level: Intermediate
Group: For vendors and sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Learn ho to choose your selling plan, product category, fulfillment strategy, and other variables. The options are flexible, so you can find the combo that works best for you and your goals.
  • Amazon Selling Fee Structure.
  • Live Q&A session.

Date: Multiple dates

Beginners guide to Brand Registry & tools to protect your Brand on Amazon

Level: Beginner
Group: For all sellers and vendors
  • Sell your own unique products using the tools we have created to help customers find your brand on Amazon
  • Amazon can help brands of all types and sizes build, grow, and protect their business
  • Live Q&A session

Date: Multiple dates

Prepare for Ramadan season. How to participate in the upcoming events through deals & coupons.

Level: Intermediate
Group: For all sellers and vendors
  • Learn direct from our experts how to prepare for Ramadan season sales success
  • Promotion Types and how to submit
  • Live Q&A session

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Amazon webinars and events, including how to register and where to look for past webinars.
What is a webinar and where does it take place ?
A webinar is an interactive training free session which is held online. During a live webinar, you can ask questions and interact with our experts through a chat feature. A webinar session provides the latest information about a certain product or service delivered by our experts and guest speakers to help you scale your business potential on Amazon.
What is the benefit from attending a Live Webinar or watching a recorded session ?
We aim to provide our Selling Partners with the resources they need to improve their selling potential. Our webinars offer essential information and best practices for numerous topics, such as how to start selling on Amazon and how to grow your sales and much more. Our growing library of free online training sessions, recorded webinars will help you guide your business toward success.
I am a new Seller on Amazon, can I still attend the webinars ?
Yes. Whether you just started selling on Amazon, or already selling and need help to grow your business, or you are an established business on Amazon and want to get the latest information about our new products and services to scale your business, we offer a variety of webinar topics to suit all business needs at different stages of your selling journey on Amazon.
Keep an eye on our Webinar & events page to join the latest webinar sessions we prepared to help you optimize your Amazon business.
Is it free?
Amazon webinars and workshops are free of charge unless otherwise stated during the registration process.
How do I participate for an upcoming Webinar session?
To register for an upcoming session, visit the Amazon Webinar & Events page on and click on the direct registration link next to each Webinar you are interested in attending. You will be taken to the registration form page with the details of the session. To successfully register, all you need is to provide your First and Last Name, your Email Address and your Seller Account Email Address, and at times we will ask you for a Seller Merchant Token ID for tracking purposes to help us improve the Webinar experience.
When is the next webinar?
To find out about upcoming webinars, visit our Amazon Webinars & events page. Amazon offers new webinars regularly to help you understand the different products and services we offer and to help you expand your business.
How will I know if I successfully registered to a Webinar session?
When you have completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from ( On the day of the event, you can access the webinar room 15 minutes before the official start time.
Do you offer recordings of past sessions ?
Yes. Whether you have attended our live session and want to watch again, or you missed the opportunity to attend the live webinar, our past webinar library on this page offers recordings for many previously hosted webinars and is updated regularly. You can watch a recorded session at your convenience as many times as needed. All you need to do is click on the “Watch now” link next to each webinar. (You can also find this link if you recently received a follow-up e-mail from our team). You will be taken directly to the recorded webinars page or you will be redirected to your Amazon Seller Central to watch the video.

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