Amazon Selling Partner 360

Whether in the early stages of selling on Amazon or more advanced in your journey, making impactful decisions on growing your business can be challenging.

The Amazon 360 program offers a premium, personalized consultancy solution. Leveraging a wealth of expertise in optimizing Amazon Stores, your Marketplace Consultant will build a decisive, tailored strategy to help you prioritize the things that count - driving sales, growing your business, and delighting our customers.
Selling Partner 360

What is included?

Your Marketplace Consultant provides analytical insights on your Amazon business. With your goals in mind, we use our knowledge to identify un-tapped potential and advise on exciting opportunities. By translating recommendations into clear initiatives and answering your questions along the way, Amazon Selling Partner 360 enables you to take effective action, optimise resources and make improvements that can facilitate your on-going success. Participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360 includes;
A Marketplace Consultant & Business Advice

A Marketplace Consultant & Business Advice

  • Liaise with your Marketplace
    Consultant to focus on strategy
    and growth
  • Access continued support,
    advanced coaching and best
  • Track progress through a monthly,
    data-driven business review
Merchandising, Beta & Pilot Opportunities

Merchandising, Beta & Pilot Opportunities

  • Stay informed on the latest
    Beta programmes and pilots
  • Take advantage of
    merchandising opportunities
    and events to promote
    discoverability of products
  • Receive relevant Amazon
    news and updates

How does Amazon 360 help you drive growth?

Using our knowledge of the key drivers for growth, our consultancy focuses on seven modules. These range from cost-saving exercises on operations to driving visibility of your offers and promoting awareness of your brand.

You will typically focus on 2-3 modules at a time with your Marketplace Consultant.
  • Detailed analysis of conversion rate
  • Personalized detail page improvement recommendations
  • Actions created for popular products and low-performing selection
  • Keyword optimization
ASP360 pie

What are the fees for the Amazon 360 program?

The program fees are the total of two components: a Base Fixed Fee + a Variable Fee. This fee will be deducted monthly from your Seller Central account.

Monthly Fee

Base fixed Fee
AED 2200
Variable Fee
[Total turnover of previous month x 0.3%]*
*Please note: There is a monthly cap of AED 6060 as the maximum fee.
The Gross Monthly Sales is the sum of gross monthly sales across MENA.


Monthly turnover = AED 115,754.00
Amazon Selling partner 360 Fee = AED 2200 + (0.3% * 115,754)
= AED 2547.26
Monthly turnover = AED 4,269,764.00
Amazon Selling partner 360 Fee = AED 2200 + (0.3% * 4,269,764.00)
= AED 6060*

Eligibility Criteria

How do I know if my business is eligible?

- You must have an active Professional Selling Account in good standing on
- Sellers who want to apply for multiple Selling Accounts must complete the application form with an email address and Merchant Token unique to each Selling Account

About Amazon Selling Partner 360 Lite

ASP 360 Lite is a program designed to help sellers accelerate their growth on Amazon. The program simplifies the seller experience by providing customized suggested actions to improve key customer experience metrics and unlock benefits. As sellers improve their performance, they can graduate to the ASP 360 Core program to unlock a wider range of benefits.
ASP360 pie
computer icon with Amazon Smile logo


Optimize product selection and help with operational tasks including new item setup, customer reviews, and Q&A analysis, browse node updates, detail page optimization, keyword search optimization, and variations
shipping icon, airplane on top and truck on bottom

Inventory Planning

Efficiently manage on-hand inventory and ensure products are in stock, ready to be sold, and shipped
icon of hand holding a coin


Review of promotion opportunities based on available merchandising

Amazon Selling Partner 360 Lite Fees

The program fees are a total of two components: a Base Fixed Fee + a Variable Fee. Fees will be generated on the first of each month. This fee will be deducted monthly from your Seller Central account.

Monthly Fee

Base fixed Fee
AED 735
Variable Fee
[Total turnover of previous month x 2%]*
*2 %


Last month’s (July) GMS = AED 99,090
Amazon Selling partner 360 Lite Fee = AED 735 + (2% * 99,090) + VAT
= AED 2,716.80 + VAT

*Please note: There is a monthly cap of AED 7,345(+VAT) as the maximum fee. The Gross Monthly Sales is the sum of gross monthly sales across MENA.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Amazon Selling Partner 360 program help in selling in other stores?
Yes, your marketplace consultant will support your expansion and growth in Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well.
Will the Amazon Selling Partner 360 program support my growth outside of the MENA region?
No, we do not support your growth outside of MENA. However, we work closely with the Global Selling Team and will be able to communicate new marketplace opportunities to you. Your Marketplace Consultant may also be able to put you in contact with teams that can support your expansion outside of MENA.
I have more than one selling account. Can I work with a single Marketplace Consultant to help me on all of my accounts?
Selling Partners must enroll each account separately in Amazon Selling Partner 360. Depending on Marketplace Consultant capacity, you may or may not work with a single Marketplace Consultant across your accounts. We will work with you closely to determine how to best manage your multiple accounts.
If I am not a brand owner, can Amazon Selling Partner 360 help me?
Yes, the program is designed to help both brand owners and resellers doing business in Amazon’s stores. The focus modules you work on will differ depending on your business needs.
I am already working with Account Managers at Amazon. Why should I pay for this service?
By joining Amazon Selling Partner 360, your Marketplace Consultant will; 1) jointly work on your strategic goals, 2) support in a more holistic way from a long-term sustained perspective, 3) proactively check if there are growth opportunities for your account (e.g. expansion, marketing, selection, pricing), and 4) inform you about the latest Beta programs and pilots.
What are the eligibility requirements for the program?
To be eligible for the program you must have a registered Amazon Account, without any store-level blocks. You will be added to a waitlist and if your account is approved for the program, you will be contacted by a Marketplace Consultant.
How do I know that Amazon Selling Partner 360 can successfully grow my business?
Whilst we cannot predict the future, the primary objective of the program is your growth. This will be enabled through a dedicated MC who will create and share a personalized monthly business plan for your business. He or she will also jointly review your business performance and accordingly suggest the next focus areas. We will also continuously track your experience through a monthly survey of both the program and the marketplace consultant – this way, you can share your feedback and it will also help us shape the future of the Program.
I am having problems with my Amazon Account, can I get support before I enroll?
Unfortunately, we are unable to support Selling Partners before enrolment, however, you have access to Selling Partner Support regardless of your enrolment status so please leverage this service if required. Once enrolled in the program, you will get access to a Marketplace Consultant to help you grow and troubleshoot specific operational issues.

Please note that Amazon Selling Partner 360 does not provide resolution of enforcement issues related to a Selling Partner’s account. All Selling Partners, including those on Amazon Selling Partner 360, must follow the same escalation and appeal pathways for ASIN or account-level enforcement.
Will my Marketplace Consultant help me understand the tools available to me on Seller Central?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can walk you through all of the tools available to you. You can let them know which information/function you are seeking and they can take you through it. If Seller Central is something you would like to learn more about, let your Marketplace Consultant know and they will plan this in a call with you.
Will my Marketplace Consultant provide support on our Vendor Central account?
No, the scope of the program only covers your seller account.

Your Marketplace Consultant

How often will I speak to my Marketplace Consultant?
Your Marketplace Consultant will schedule a monthly call to review your business plan and help to prioritize actions. Additional calls may be scheduled to assist with optimizing for growth and to address other business needs. Selling Partners will have their Marketplace Consultant’s direct email address.
How many accounts does each Marketplace Consultant manage?
Each Marketplace Consultant will work closely with a small group of Selling Partners. We limit the number of Selling Partners managed by a Marketplace Consultant so that they can focus on optimizing your account and help you reach your business goals. We also regularly audit this, as our top priority is your satisfaction.
Are Marketplace Consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all Marketplace Consultants are Amazon employees
What level of experience will my Marketplace Consultant have?
All of our Marketplace Consultants receive in-depth training to best assist Selling Partners enrolled in Amazon Selling Partner 360, including topics such as fulfillment and inventory, selection and conversion growth, merchandising and advertising, global expansion, and many more.
How do you choose which Marketplace Consultant I am allocated?
Marketplace Consultants will be allocated to Selling Partners once their portfolios have been reviewed. We ensure all Marketplace Consultants are trained to the same high standard, and that their Selling Partner portfolio is limited, to ensure they are able to provide a consistently excellent service.
Will we have one person who will remain as our Marketplace Consultant for the duration of our time in the program?
We can not guarantee your Marketplace Consultant will not change during your contract. Still, we value creating this relationship and getting to know the account closely, so, where possible, we will aim to offer continuity with the same Marketplace Consultant.
What if I am unsatisfied with the level of service that I am getting from my Marketplace Consultant?
Satisfaction of our Selling Partners is our number one goal. On a bi-monthly basis, you will receive a satisfaction survey, where you can flag any concerns you have. These results are inspected closely by program leaders to ensure the service we are providing is first class. You also have the option to request a call with a manager at any time to go through your pain points in more detail and discuss how we can address them.

Promotions and Merchandising & Programme Opportunities

Will my Marketplace Consultant proactively reach out to me about new program opportunities?
Keeping in mind your business goals, your Marketplace Consultant will let you know about new programs, pilots, and betas that may help you achieve your objectives.
What kind of merchandising assistance will we receive?
Your Marketplace Consultant can advise your account on all Amazon deal types, including Coupons, Lightning Deals, Best Deals, and Deal of the Day. Deals are not guaranteed as part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360, but they are a topic that your Marketplace Consultant will advise you on to drive growth. Fees may still apply to applicable deal types; you do not get free or discounted merchandising for deals and promotions as part of your participation in Amazon Selling Partner 360.
Can my Marketplace Consultant help me set up deals?
Yes, your Marketplace Consultant can coach you on how to set up deals and the various types available. In some instances, when you have eligible items, your Marketplace Consultant can set up a Deal of the Day for you. They can also help you develop a deal strategy based on the objectives of your business and provide strategic guidance, which can improve the likelihood of your deal being approved.

Programme Fees and Commitment

What is the pricing structure for the Amazon Selling Partner 360 program?
Participation in the ASP 360 Program will cost you a fixed AED 2200/month + 0.3% of last month’s GMS + tax. Fees in any month will cap at AED 6060. Here are a few examples:

Example 1: On August 1st, Seller 1, a SP on Amazon who participates in ASP 360 had last month’s GMS as AED 115,754. Seller 1, would be billed AED 2247.26 (+ tax) on August 1. Calculation: (AED 2200 + (.003*AED 115,754) = AED 2547.26).

Example 2: On August 1st, Seller 2, a SP on Amazon who participates in ASP 360, had last month’s (July) GMS as 4,269,764. Seller 2, would be billed AED 6,060(+tax) only as there is a monthly cap at AED 6060. Calculation: (AED 2200 + (0.003*AED4,269,764) = AED 15,009.3 - Cap of AED 6060 triggered)

In any case, the AMPS monthly fees will never exceed AED 6060.00 as this is the maximum limit that we will charge.
When should I expect to be billed?
Fees will be generated once every quarter. The first payment will be collected at the start of the program and the second payment will be made in the 3rd month for the next 3 months
Can I pay less for access to fewer services?
Amazon Selling Partner 360 is currently offered as a bundled package of services and cannot be separated at this time.
How long is the program commitment?
The minimum commitment for Amazon Selling Partner 360 is 6 months. You may elect to continue with the service at the end of 6 months or opt-out with a minimum 30-day notice period. Amazon Selling Partner 360 reserves the right to end your service at any time. There is no maximum length of contract.
Why should I have a minimum commitment of 6 months?
There are two main reasons: 1) we believe that it's the minimum time required to evaluate the ROI from your side, and 2) we will invest a lot of time on our side to construct your Business Plans, so we want to ensure that you are able to make the most of these.
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