Sell your professional services on Amazon

Sell professional services to Amazon customers

Selling Services on Amazon allows top service providers to sell professional services like House Cleaning, Handyman services, Beauty services, and more directly to Amazon customers in their area.
Sell on Amazon UAE Professional services
What are the benefits?
Save your money with professional services on Amazon UAE

Zero upfront cost

There are no startup fees, no monthly subscription fees, and no advertisement fees.
Get legitimate Leads & Jobs on Amazon UAE

Real jobs

No more chasing leads. You get real customer jobs.
Sell on Amazon UAE Number 1 professional services

Handpicked Pros

We handpick best providers, so you only compete with the best in your area.
Sell online on Amazon UAE

Leverage the trust of Amazon

Reach Amazon customers in your area and grow your business.
How Selling Services on Amazon works ?
Sell specific professional services on Amazon UAE

Get discovered

Customers can easily find and purchase your services while shopping on We are also attaching products to related services.
Professional services illustration on Amazon UAE

Amazon sends you jobs

Receive actual jobs when customers order your pre-packaged services.
Make money with professional services on Amazon UAE

Get paid by Amazon

Simply show up, complete the job and get paid. It's that easy.

Cost to sell services on Amazon

AED 0 Signup Fees, AED 0 Subscription Fees and AED 0 Lead Fees. Only pay a revenue share for completed jobs based on the service type and final service price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sell on Amazon UAE Customer Segmentation


What is Selling Services on Amazon?
Selling Services on Amazon is a program that enables service providers to sell their services to millions of Amazon customers in the UAE.
What are pre-packaged services?
Pre-packaged services are services that have a pre-defined scope and price set by Amazon. Service providers that wish to offer these services will have to follow the scope and price set by Amazon.
How will customers find me and book my services?
Pre-packaged services that customers book will be automatically assigned to service providers based on the areas covered, availability submitted and overall account performance.
Can I specify specific areas where I offer my services?
You will be able to choose from set pre-defined areas to offer your services in.
How much will it cost me?
You will only pay a revenue share for completed jobs. Currently, the revenue share charged is 16%.
How do I get jobs?
The best thing you can do to ensure receiving the highest amount of jobs possible is to make sure you have a wide coverage area, sufficient capacity & availability, a competitive pricing point and high ratings and reviews
How do I qualify to sell services on Amazon?
As a start, you will need to be a registered business with a valid trade license. As part of our customer promise to handpick the best providers, we are making sure that our service providers have the highest quality standards through checking their ratings and reviews online. All our service providers go through a business identity verification check. Additionally, a criminal background check is done for the employees performing jobs at customers’ location.
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